You want to spice up the photos of your portrait?

We’ll provide you 10 easy- to-follow ideas in this article which will make your photographs appear lovely in no time.

Let’s just plunge in, start…

1. Subject Your Frame

Framing is a method in which one element of an image is brought to your attention by framing it with another element of an image.

Framing offers a depth of image and brings the eye to the image.

You can do that by placing your subject in a window or doorway, by looking through a little gap, or by using your hands around your face. See more photographic framing examples here.

2. Go with a broad corner

Shooting at your camera with a large angle lens might make a remarkable photograph of an image.

You can generate a lovely distortion at very wide focal lengths. This may not be the kind of shot you take from your wife or girlfriend (unless it’s playful) but with these focal lengths, some of the face or body at the edge of the picture will enlarge more than the centre.

It can also provide your subject a broad and dramatic impression in an impressive environment.

3. Background Play

The person in a photograph is the major area of interest – yet, you can radically modify your mood in a shot sometimes when placed in other circumstances with diverse backgrounds.

Sometimes you wish to make your background as minimal.
Other times your subject can truly be helped by a dramatic or colourful background.

4. Modify Framing Format

Many photographers only ever shoot in ‘landscape‘ mode (when the camera is held horizontally) or ‘portrait’ mode (when it is held vertically). Look back and see which pictures you mostly utilise..

Just though a vertical frame is named ‘portrait’ mode does not mean that while taking portraits you always require it. In each shoot you do, mix your framing and provide variation to the type of images you take.

5. Hold the angle of your camera

Not only are horizontal and vertical framings available for portraits. When shooting various formats, you can also insert a little fun into your photographs when taking your images straight. your camera has a more diagonal aspect.

This kind of framing can make your photographs more lively and vitality. Don’t do this ‘lightly,’ or you’ll have others wondering if you could have wrongly torn your camera.

6. Take Shots Without Focus

We as photographers hammered into our work as ‘a sharp focus’ – but sometimes, with lack of concentration, photos with real emotion, atmosphere and interest can be created.

In order to take non-focused photos, two basic ways exist:

  1. Concentrate on one element of the picture and obfuscate your main topic. Use a broad opening to create a narrow depth of field and focus on something before or behind your subject.
  2. Leave out the entire picture. 2. You will have to choose a large opening again but concentrate well in front or behind anything in your picture (you will have to move to manual focus to do so).

7. Enter motion

The key with these three ways is to utilise a shutter speed sufficiently slow to capture the movement.

Alternatively, clearly you can move quickly but use a shutter speed so quickly that your movement will ‘freeze.’

8. Subject Expressions Experiment

It is the look on your subject’s face that creates the image in certain portraits.

Get your subject in your picture to experiment with different moods and emotions. Extreme emotional play: